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Lab Services

Scanning Electron Microscopy

The SEM is a powerful tool in failure analysis.  Visual or even optical examination can be misleading: cracks or particulates observed may be superficial or inconsequential.  Combining optical examination with the SEM provides outstanding results.

Corrosion Testing

Materials Technology Associates (MTA) specializes in the use of electrochemical techniques to study corrosion problems, and to evaluate the corrosion resistance of a wide range of materials from carbon steel and stainless steel to titanium and tantalum.


Our years of experience, combined with a well-equipped laboratory allows us to prepare metallographic samples of metals, alloys, polymers, composite materials, ceramics, coatings and complex systems.

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing will determine whether a material matches the ductility and strength criteria for your specific application.  Test results can determine whether a selection of materials will meet specific mechanical properties.