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Failure Analysis

In house experts conduct root cause analysis to enable quick resolution of product and materials failures.

Corrosion Testing

From vendor qualification to materials evaluation, corrosion testing services range from immersion testing to advanced CPT testing.


Years of experience in a variety of industries enables metallographers to prepare sections of metals, alloys, polymers, ceramics, coatings and complex parts for optical and scanning electron microscope examination.

Mechanical Testing

Tensile, compression and torque testing of samples and components needing low loads, such as polymers, delicate metals, o-rings, thermocouple wires and soldered connections.

Advanced Sample Preparation

Fast turnaround of samples and coupons prepared from customer parts.  Specializing in ceramic/metal combinations and parts with fine detail.

Scanning Electron Microscopy

State of the art Thermo Fisher EDS analyzer with a Peltier cooled detector enables rapid X-Ray microanalysis, elemental mapping and line scans.